Advanced Topics in Genome-Wide Association (GWA) Studies

Course Directors: 

Drs. Jo Knight and Lyle Palmer


June 3 – 7, 2013


790 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario


This course will cover many current topics that arise in current GWA efforts through lecture-based seminars and practical exercises. At the end of the course, students will have familiarity with principles of GWA analysis, rare variant analysis, 1,000 Genomes Imputation, penalized regression methods, maternal effects, pathway analysis and epigenetic measures.


Dr. Jo Knight, Dr. Gao Wang, Dr. Lei Sun, Dr. Cornelia van Duijn, Dr. Heather Cordell, Dr. Bryan Howie, Dr. Andrew Morris, Dr. Rafal Kustra, Dr. Gary Bader.


Students should have basic knowledge of genetics and statistics. Familiarity with R and LINUX is also required. Students should also have basic knowledge of GWAS analysis.

Course Fees:

Students: $700 + HST
Non-students: $850 + HST


Registration deadline extended to May 20, 2013
**Note: Course enrolment is limited to 20 participants.